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Welcome to the Official Home of the Minnesota NBHA

 The National Barrel Horse Association, or NBHA for short, is an organization where beginners can be winners! Minnesota NBHA is divided into seven districts, MN00 – MN06. Six of the districts, MN01 – MN06 cover specific geographic areas within the state of Minnesota. The seventh district, MN00, covers the entire state of Minnesota and allows you to collect the points needed to qualify for the youth, open, and senior world shows.

 The NBHA is a 4D formatted Barrel Racing Association with payback, added money, and prizes.

 Each district has year-end awards where members meet, talk about the previous season and make plans for the season to come. Great people, great sport, and loads of fun! Join Us!

 Feel free to look over the Minnesota NBHA’s website and if you have any questions, click on the contact link where you can send us an e-mail. If you'd like more district-specific answers just click the contact link and find your county on the menu on the left.


 Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, the NBHA is the largest barrel racing organization in the world. In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition.

 NBHA has over 23,000 members of all ages across the United States and affiliates in five countries: Canada, Italy, France, Panama and the Netherlands. Find out more about barrel racing's international presence at NBHA.com/ibhf.

 NBHA official home office events to date have paid out $8,038,985.00. Added money is approaching $2 million.

 Divisional barrel racing, using the 4D format, is the heart of NBHA. Divisional barrel racing gives ALL competitors - from beginners to professionals, from youth to seniors - a chance to compete, learn and succeed in barrel racing. The Divisional format encourages riders to improve their skills and work toward the higher Divisions, while still having a chance to be competitive. To learn more about how Divisional format barrel racing works, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

 NBHA Members compete at District, State, National and World Championship levels. Each state is divided into competition Districts where members compete for money and prizes at a local level. Discover which one of the NBHA's more than 300 Districts you can compete in at http://nbha.com/.

 Most states hold State Championship Shows; find out if your state does at http://nbha.com/. The NBHA National Office currently produces seven National Shows annually throughout the country. Check out our National Shows page for dates and locations.

 The ultimate goal of NBHA competition is to qualify for the prestigious NBHA World Championships: The Youth & Teen World Championships, held the first week of August, and the Open & Senior World Championships are held in November annually.

 NBHA enjoys sponsorship from several companies that offer special programs - Incentives, discounts, merchandise and more - to NBHA Members. Visit the National Partners page and the Show Sponsors page to find out what benefits NBHA Members receive from NBHA's sponsors.

 Whether you're an experienced rodeo rider, a top futurity trainer, a weekend jackpot competitor or a beginning barrel racer, NBHA is right for you! Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the organization that is #1 in Barrel Racing!